Friday, January 6, 2012

Dusty Reads / The Time Will Come #6

Dusty Reads is a meme hosted by Giselle from Xpresso Reads, featuring a book which has been left unread for a quite long time.

The Time Will Come is a meme hosted by Books for Company featuring a book which has been sit in my shelf for some time now.

Sara Stanley is only fourteen, but she can weave tales that are impossible to resist. In the charming town of Carlisle, children and grown-ups alike flock from miles around to hear her spellbinding tales. And when Bev King and his younger brother Felix arrive for the summer, they, too, are captivated by the Story Girl. Whether she's leading them on exciting misadventure or narrating timeless stories—from the scary "Tale of the Family Ghost" to the fanciful "How Kissing Was Discovered" to the bittersweet "The Blue Chest of Rachel Ward"—the Story Girl has her audience hanging on every word. -goodreads

I won this book last year from local publisher PT Gramedia, but haven't read it yet. It's still sit on my shelf wrapped in plastic. Is it a good book? Should I give it a chance?

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