Friday, January 6, 2012

Cover Comparison #1 : Graceling

Through this post I want to compare Indonesia cover with the original cover and share my thought about them. Covers do matter for me and yes, I judge book by its' cover

(US / UK / INA)


I really love the US cover. I fell into it in the first time I saw it in a bookstore in 2010. With a big blade on the cover, it tells the readers that the book is about combat and kingdom. It has a feminine touch which tells that the main character is a female. It's so elegant, simple and gorgeous. I didn't buy it at first because I was waiting for the Indonesia version. I thought, "Hey! who knows the cover is good enough, maybe it's worth to wait"

The Indonesia edition was just released last December 2011. When they revealed the cover, I was almost scream, "WHAT THE HACK??!!!" I'm sorry to say but the cover is bad, well.. really bad for me. It reminds me of Indonesia traditional story called "Angling Dharma" -____- I was afraid about the cover when the publisher announced that they would publish Graceling and it really did came true! The possibility for me to buy the Indonesia version is big zero.

Now I regret why I didn't buy it when I saw the US cover back then. Lately I rarely see the US cover available in book store. They only have UK cover, which is not bad actually, but I prefer US cover. Just hoping I'll find the US cover somewhere, or if I don't, I think I'll buy it online.


Elisa said...

Lol,i surprised when i see this post of yours.
Yeah,the indo version is.... I dunno. Maybe if they did touch and effect on that pic,it would be nice,not just a picture-place-done.
The UK ver is also a girl standing there,but they somehow make it quite nice. The color,effect,typograph,they're nice.

I told you,they should hire me as their cover designer xD jk though,lol

Oh,and i think i give up and buy the indo ver. I have too many english version series on my hand so well...i have to bear with this one

Christine said...

I won't buy the Indo version u know. With cover like that, it doesn't worth the money. It's better for me to spend a little more money to get a beautiful cover. hehehe...

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