Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Other Site of Korea

What's on your mind when you hear a word "KOREA"? Seoul, K-Pop, K-Drama and movies? I believe people will think about a country with good economy, modern living which is South Korea trademark. Even if you search about "Korea" in Google, all South Korea related pictures and websites appear in the first place. Do you ever think about the opposite of those mentioned above? Poor economy, hunger, isolated country and communism? If your answer is "yes", you belong to that very small people in the world who think about the other site of Korea.

Me, myself think about South Korea when I hear the word "Korea". North Korea was almost never come into my mind. I never searched anything about it, never knew what kind of country it is, how their people live and so on. Until last week I searched Google map and I found this

cre : Google map