Monday, September 19, 2011

Indonesia Trip : Bintan Resort

I had a chance to visit Bintan Resort on December 2010 for free. Yes, FREE! I joined my bf's company trip for 3 days 2 nights. Bintan Resort is placed in north of Bintan Island, Indonesia. Eventhough I live in Indonesia, I went there through Singapore. Why? because flight fare from Surabaya to Singapore is cheaper than Surabaya to Bintan. Ironic isn't it? I went to Singapore the day before we went to Bintan. There were about 30 persons who joined the trip. We departed from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, Singapore. It was 1 hour trip by a fast ferry. Due to the monsoon season, the wave was quite big and I had seasick. The ferry itself was quite big. Inside the ferry there was a delly that sell snacks and drinks.

Inside the ferry

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Traveling My Way

Some of you maybe have heard or read "Don't plan. Just go!" That's interesting. I would love to try such thing one day, but the thing is I can't.... for now. I'm a person who always have to plan everything before go on a trip. I like to plan my trip long time before the D-day. The first and main thing you need to plan your travel is internet. You can find almost everything in it. Try to browse before you ask. You can find more things by browsing instead of only ask people around you. Both combination is the best. No matter you join a tour or an independent traveler, internet will always be your best buddy. I like to do an independent travel, but if I have to join a tour, I look for free and easy one first. So here's what I do when I plan my trip, maybe can be some tips for you.