Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thailand Trip : Phuket Day 3

The second day in Phuket, it was a little cloudy in the morning. I was a little bit worry that it would raining, but thank God there was no rain. Just like usually, I start the day with breakfast in hotel. The breakfast was served in buffet on that day with 6 main menus. It was more efficient and the food was alright.

We joined half day Phang Nga Bay tour with long tail boat on that day. The driver picked us at 10 am at the hotel. It took about 1 hour drive to reach Phang Nga Bay from Patong. Some websites said that Phang Nga Bay was almost like Halong Bay in Vietnam. It has high cliffs separated in the bay. The water was way calmer than in Phi Phi. There was no wave at all. The water was green, not blue. Mangrove forest was on both side along Phang Nga Bay.

Thailand Trip : Phuket Day 2

Our first morning in Phuket and the weather was really nice. The sky was clear blue and the sun was bright. Just like the other days, we started our day with breakfast at the hotel. The restaurant is located on 5th floor with a sea view. It was unlike the usual hotel breakfast. There was no cereal. Only bread, drinks and fruits were available on the long table. Instead of a buffet, the waiter showed us a list and asked us to choose 1 from 3 breakfast menu. There was only 1 waiter in duty to served 10 tables. It was so not efficient. We had to wait for quite a long time till our breakfast served. The portion was really small but the taste was good enough.

Schedule for that day was Phi Phi Island full day tour with speedboat. The driver picked us at 8.00 am. The tour was supposed to be started at 9.00 am, but there was a delay because some guests haven't arrived at the pier yet. There were 2 tour guides in that tour and they're so fluent in English. They provided medicine for people who have a seasick for free at the pier. Finally the tour started at 9.45 am. There were about 40 guests joined the tour. Before board on the speedboat, the tour guides asked us to took our footwear off and gathered them in a big bag. Cold mineral water bottles were provided for free on the boat. We had to wear life vest on boat and didn't allowed to stand or walk during the sail to keep the boat balance.

Thailand Trip : Bangkok Last Day, Phuket Day 1

It was my last day in Bangkok and we headed to Phuket in the afternoon. There were only some drizzle and no flood during my stay in Bangkok. We went to Suvarnabhumi Airport by ARL city link. Right in front of the exit of ARL station in floor B, I saw Subway. The last time I ate Subway was when I had a holiday in Singapore on May 2010. It was one of my favorite food, so I decided to have lunch there. The departure is located in 4th floor. We arrived a little bit too early. Thankfully Air Asia allowed the passengers to check in eventhough it was 3 hours before departure time. After checked in, we went down to 3rd floor where shops and some food stalls located. We departed from Bangkok at 13.30 and arrived in Phuket at 14.45.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Departure

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thailand Trip : Bangkok Day 3

Itinerary : Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Siam Paragon, MBK, Mansion 7, Calypso Cabaret, Nana

On day 3, we started our day at 10.00 am. We rode a tuk tuk to go to Siam Discovery, where Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located. Riding a tuk-tuk is a great experience. It's a must try in Bangkok.

Bangkok tuk tuk

Monday, October 24, 2011

Thailand Trip : Bangkok Day 2

Itinerary : Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and dinner cruise.

We woke up quite early and had breakfast at the hotel. The breakfast was served in buffet from 7.00 - 11.00 am. There were only 6 kinds of courses available beside cereal, fruits and toast. The food was not that great, but still ok to start the day. We departed from hotel at 8.00 am and went to Grand Palace. Since it was still early, we decided to take a walk for a little sightseeing. From hotel, we walked about 15-20 minutes to Siam BTS station, which is located in front of Siam Paragon shopping mall. We took sky train from Siam to Saphan Taksin. From Saphan Taksin BTS we walked down to the Sathorn pier and took Chao Phraya river boat taxi with orange flag to Tha Chang pier.


Thailand Trip : Bangkok Day 1

Finally I had a chance to go on a trip again together with my boyfriend. Our trip route was Surabaya - Bangkok - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur - Surabaya on Oct 9 - 15. We got very cheap airfares from Air Asia promotion almost 1 year ago. All routes were only 1.3 million Rupiahs per pax or about USD 145 (1 USD = 9000 Rupiahs).

The flight duration from Surabaya to Bangkok was 4 hours. We reached Suvarnabhumi International Airport at 19.30 pm. From Suvarnabhumi Airport we rode ARL city link, which is located on B floor, and got off on Ratchaprarop Station. It was about 30 minutes ride. ARL operation hour is 6.00 am - midnight. To ride on ARL city link, you must buy a token first in the ticketing machine or ticketing office. The price is depend on your destination. The ticketing machine receives notes and coins. The machine's language is available in Thai and English. First, you have to choose your destination and the quantity of persons. The price will appear on the screen and then insert exact amount of money into the machine.