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Thailand Trip : Phuket Day 3

The second day in Phuket, it was a little cloudy in the morning. I was a little bit worry that it would raining, but thank God there was no rain. Just like usually, I start the day with breakfast in hotel. The breakfast was served in buffet on that day with 6 main menus. It was more efficient and the food was alright.

We joined half day Phang Nga Bay tour with long tail boat on that day. The driver picked us at 10 am at the hotel. It took about 1 hour drive to reach Phang Nga Bay from Patong. Some websites said that Phang Nga Bay was almost like Halong Bay in Vietnam. It has high cliffs separated in the bay. The water was way calmer than in Phi Phi. There was no wave at all. The water was green, not blue. Mangrove forest was on both side along Phang Nga Bay.

Long tail boat
Mangrove forest

Our first destination was Koh Panyee. It's a Muslim fisherman village. The village is built above the water. We had lunch there and given time to walked around the village for about 1.5 hours. The lunch were served per table. The menu was quite simple and tasted alright.

Koh Panyee
Muslim village
Koh Panyee School

After lunch, we departed to James Bond Island. Arrived on the beach, the guide took us to the viewpoint. The way a narrow stair-like aisle. It way was a rocky up and down road. Beware of the steps, it may be slippery. At the end of the up down aisle, there's a beach with a really nice view to James Bond Island. There was a cave on the beach. The island was also packed with tourists. We spent 35 minutes there before depart to the next destination.

James Bond Island
Way down
The cave

From James Bond Island, we headed to Panak Island. It was time for canoeing. There were 3 people in one canoe include the canoe guide. The canoe guide was really kind. He's a Thai but also fluent in English, Chinese, Korea and Japanese. He said many tourists from China, Japan and Korea visit Phang Nga Bay and very little of Indonesian tourist. We were canoeing for about 1 hour through some caves and open water. Sometimes the cave were so low and we had to lay down on our back. There were many oysters stuck on the caves. The guide said during high tides, the cave is drown under the sea level and when the water become lower, the oysters stuck there. We stopped in a very small beach located hidden inside high cliff then we departed to a hidden mangrove forest. There's a unique small fish in there. The fish name is walking fish. It was really walking, it has 4 legs. On our way back, the guide allowed me to row the canoe.

Through caves
Hidden beach
Hidden mangrove forest
After have a good time canoeing, we went back to the pier. We saw a cave drawing on our way back. The guide said something about Indonesia when he explained the drawing, but I couldn't hear it clearly due to the noise from the boat's machine.

Cave drawing

Our last destination was monkey temple. It was located 10 minutes drive from the pier. There was a cave in that place. Inside the cave, there was a small sleeping Buddha statue and some other Buddha statues. There were some people pray inside. At the other end of the cave, there was a stair led to another cave upstair. The cave was gorgeous. The scenery around the cave was also beautiful. We spent about 45 minutes there, then we went back to the hotel.

Sleeping Buddha
Buddha statues
The stair
Inside the cave

Outside the cave

That night we had dinner at a restaurant near hotel. We had Thai omelet, fried pork with rice, stir vegetable and Thai Ice tea for drink. It was my last night in Thailand. People said Thai massage is must try when you visit Thailand. I decided to try one. I've watched it once on TV. I like massage, but Thai massage was really not a joke. It felt like the masseuse was going to rip my body off. Sometimes I felt a slight pain but after the massage was done, I felt so refresh. The massage duration was 1.5 hours. It is really a must try for people who like massage. I really can't explain it in words. Try to experience it by yourself and you will find it fascinating.

Phang Nga Bay half day tour - THB 950/pax
Dinner - THB 500
Thai massage - THB 200


Surin Beach Phuket said...

We are planning to visit Phuket in mid-Dec.
Thank you for posting.
I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Phuket for my next vacation.

Anonymous said...

is it a foot massage or body massage u guys choosed?

Christine said...

Body massage. It's great!

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