Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thailand Trip : Phuket Last Day

Very last day finally came and that made me felt a little bit sad. Time was flying during my 1 week holiday in Thailand. The driver picked us at hotel at 11 am and we went to airport rightaway. Phuket airport is small, but they have some gifts shops, restaurants and coffee places. There is an internet cafe, but it's expensive. I don't remember exactly how much it cost, I think it was about THB 100-150 per 15 minutes. The duty free wasn't big but packed.

Phuket international airport

After wandering around gift shops, we decided to have lunch at Chester's Grill. They provided a free wi-fi. I had a double chicken burger package, which is include french fries and coke. My boyfriend had fried pork rice, big french fries and ice coffee latte. The burger was quite good, but the fried pork rice tasted bad. We departed at 13.30 pm to Kuala Lumpur.

Flight to Kuala Lumpur took 1.5 hours. We arrived at LCCT at 4 pm KL time. It was none like other airports I've ever been. After we landed, we got off  the place by stair and walk along the run way to the arrival terminal. It was my first time being so close to a plane.

The custom queue was long. Beside the regular check, they also took our fingerprint. I was asked some questions before the officer stamped my passport. It wasn't my first visit to Malaysia. The same thing was also happened on my previous visit. I don't know why Malaysia custom officer always ask me many questions before they let me pass. The officers in other countries never asked me anything, they just did the regular check and stamped my passport.

Our next flight to Surabaya was at 7.00 pm. We spent our waiting time at Starbucks. I don't know the air con wasn't working or there were too many people, it was hot inside. Finished our drinks, we decided to have dinner at Marry Brown. We ordered fried chicken and french fries with coke. It tasted bad. I really didn't enjoy them at all. KFC or McD is much better. There were so many flies at Marry Brown. I was attracted to try it because so many people eat there. The place was almost full and I didn't notice the flies. My friend who ever been there before said that there were no flies by then. I don't know why there were so many flies when I was there. Even in the waiting room inside, I found some flies were flying around.

Our flight was delayed for 30 minutes. We departed at 7.30 pm. The departure was also the same as the arrival. We walked along an outdoor alley and continue on the run way then climbed up a stair to get into the plane.

Double chicken burger package - THB 155
Fried pork rice - THB 130
Big french fries - THB 50
Ice coffee latte - THB 60
Starbucks frappuccino grande - RM 15
Marry Brown - RM 17


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