Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Book : Fingerprints 5 - Betrayed

Rae Voight has a problem. Thoughts are running through her mind that aren't hers. Is she going crazy? Or could something else-something even stranger -- be going on? As Rae unravels the mystery of where these thoughts are coming from, she also unlocks terrifying secrets of her past, including the truth about her dead mother. But knowing the truth may not be a good thing for Rae. If she's not careful, it might get her killed.BetrayedRae is about to come face-to-face with the person who has been after her-atleast, that's what she thinks!    

Its been a long time since I read Fingerprints series. Indonesia version was only published #1-4. They didn't published the rest due to a very few buyer. I was looking for the English version book, but I couldn't find them anywhere. My only left choice was e-books.

I don't remember exactly when did I read Fingerprints #4. As I remember I was still in high school. It was really hard to recall what the story detail of the 4th book. I remember that the series is about a girl named Rae Voight who has a special gift and someone is hunting her down to kill her. She has a friend named Anthony, who she has crushed on, help her to find the killer.

When I read the first chapter of Fingerprints #5, so many questions popped up in my head.
What happened in Motel 6?
Who is Yana?
Who is Jesse?
Rae's mother was killed and she killed her best friend?
Who is Amanda?

After read view pages, the story started to get me. Eventhough I couldn't recall the story detail before, my questions were getting their answers. Fingerprints is a good series. The plot keeps me guessing what happen next, who is this person who hunting her down and why. Everything is getting more clear in book #5. The person who killed Rae's mother finally revealed and it makes me more curious about book #6.

So, it's now time to go back to my pdf... Ciao!


Elisa said...

just come to say hi! xD
and i think i have to add 'book shelf' at my wishlist too =D

freelavie said...

LOL! yeah u should. it's our wish

Anonymous said...

where did you get the e-book? I'm also looking for that book. I didn't know that they just published up to 4th book in Indonesia.

Christine said...

Actually I got it from a friend. are u looking for it?

Christine said...

Actually I got it from a friend. are u looking for it?

Devine Braet said...

I am looking for the pdf for this book. do you still have it?

Christine said...

I think I do. Give me ur email I'll send it to u

Devine Braet said...
I really hope you have it! I am so excited to read it!

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