Monday, November 21, 2011

Book : Fingerprints 6 - Revelation

When Rae touches your fingerprints, she knows your thoughts. And everybody has thoughts that no one else should ever know.  When Rae finally discovers who is out to kill her, she must find facts about the past to protect herself — and quick.

Yes, finally Rae meets the person who wants to kill her face to face. The truth about the past and the community are revealed, a new power discovered. When I read half a book of book #6, I already have a suspect about the killer. I was confuse at first, but the clue was getting clearer and pointed to one person. Later I find that my guess was true.
The way the killer plot the whole thing is so unpredictable and actually I found it cool. Melinda Metz know how to make the readers' heart fluttered. The climax of this book is better than book #5. It's more thrilling. I couldn't stop read the last 3 chapters. Almost everything has been revealed in book #6 and that makes me wondering, what will Metz present in book #7? Is Rae make a revenge to the killer or the killer get Rae and make her pay? 


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