Friday, November 25, 2011

K-Pop : Happy Pledis Teaser!

2011 Happy Pledis

The MV teaser is OUT!!! XD

This year Happy Pledis featuring all of Pledis family : Son Dam Bi, After School, After School Boys and a new girl named Jung Hyeon. I'm very curious about Jung Hyeon's role and age. Is she only a trainee? Is she gonna be part of After School? How old is she exactly? She looks so young and small. I hope my questions will be answered soon. I will buy the CD for sure later on February 2012 ^^. So here's the teaser...

cre : pledisartist @ YT

What's the title of this song? 2012 Love Letter?

Anyway.. can't wait for December 1st when it will be fully released \(^o^)/


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