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Thailand Trip : Bangkok Day 3

Itinerary : Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Siam Paragon, MBK, Mansion 7, Calypso Cabaret, Nana

On day 3, we started our day at 10.00 am. We rode a tuk tuk to go to Siam Discovery, where Madame Tussauds Wax Museum is located. Riding a tuk-tuk is a great experience. It's a must try in Bangkok.

Bangkok tuk tuk
Ride a tuk tuk

The original price of Madame Tussauds ticket is THB 800, but I've booked from a travel agent and got cheaper price. It was my first visit to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and I found it really good. The replicas were really fascinating, looked the same with the real person. The route was Leaders - Art - Sport - Stars and ended by a gift shop. I bought a coin souvenir there.

In front of museum
Madame Tussauds
Johnny Depp
Thailand king and wife

After about 1 hour wandering around Madame Tussauds, we went to Siam Paragon via Siam Center. Siam Paragon itself is a big shopping mall, but I think it's quite the same with malls in Singapore so we did nothing but lunch there. I had Korean bulgogi and my boyfriend had fish curry and again Thai ice tea and Thai ice coffee for drink. The food was too salty, I didn't enjoy my lunch at all. From Siam Paragon, we went to MBK to buy some gifts for our family and friends. MBK was quite big to go around. Since we didn't have much time, we only went to a bag shop and bought 1 bag for my mom, then we went to the supermarket and bought almond pudding, custard pudding and coffee agar instant powder.

Our next destination was Mansion 7. From Siam we took BTS to Mo Chit then took MRT to Huay Kwang. The whole ride was only about 15-20 minutes. MRT in Bangkok is the same as the one in Singapore. In Huay Kwang MRT Station, take exit 1 and turn right, Mansion 7 is within 5 minutes walk from MRT station. Mansion 7 is a shopping mall with gothic theme. It's quite small to be called a mall and has no air conditioning system. Only the shops and food places has one. Night time is the perfect time to visit this mall due to a cooler weather and with its' slogan "In the darkness, we shine", visitors will see nice illuminations. We went there in the afternoon and it was quite hot inside, but we have no choice since we didn't have much time to spend.

Bangkok MRT
MRT station

The mall has a claw shape entrance gate. At the center of the mall, they have some game machines available. You have to pay if you want to play the games. At the back of the mall, there's a haunted house called Dark Mansion. It has episode 1 and 2 with 15 minutes duration each. The ticket for each episode is THB 180, but if you buy episode 1 and 2, it will cost THB 320. 1 pack of 4 persons max are allowed to enter at once. Before went there, I searched for some review of the Dark Mansion and all reviews said that the haunted house was so creepy and make you pale or green when you get out. We decided to enter episode 1 only because to enter episode 2 required to wear shoes and at that time we wore flip flop. The reviews are right. Inside was scary, it was none like other haunted houses I've ever been to. It was cold too and that made it even more creepy. Apparently they took a picture of our scared face inside and they sell the picture in the gift shop for THB 270. The pictures were so ridiculous. There were also some other pictures from other people displayed there, they're also as the same as hilarious as ours. I ended up bought a Mansion 7 T-shirt for souvenir. At around 5 pm, we went back to the hotel. We rode the MRT back to Mo Chit and then took BTS to Phaya Thai then continue with ARL city link to Ratchaprarop. We bought some street foods again on the way back to hotel for our dinner.

Mansion 7 entrance gate
Mansion 7 interior
Dark Mansion

There was an interesting experience when I was at Phaya Thai station. It was almost 6 pm when we reached Phaya Thai BTS station. On our way to ARL station, people were suddenly freeze at their place. Whatever they did at that time, walking, buying BTS ticket, they were just stopped. At first I didn't realize the situation, I kept walking down the stairs. Suddenly my boyfriend pulled me from behind, I looked up and found people were freeze while a song was being played from speakers and on a TV available there. Apparently it was Thailand national song. I remember it was exactly 6 pm o'clock when the song started to be played. After the song ended, some people bow towards the TV and then started to do their activities again. I found it fascinating. There is no such thing in where I live. I heard that the king is everything for Thailand people, I saw the king's picture in so many places. Maybe that was a way to respect him and the country.

King Picture at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Websites said that Calypso Cabaret is a must see show in Bangkok. The original ticket price is THB 900/pax, but I've booked Calypso Cabaret show for that night from and got a cheap price. The show take place in Asia Hotel and they have 2 shows daily. We took tuk tuk again to Asia Hotel. I think we offered too high price to the tuk tuk driver because he agreed right away with our price. For the show itself, I really like it. There are some performances of singing and dancing from different countries by the ladyboys and men. It was so entertaining and some performances were so funny. After the show, the ladyboys were standing along the way to exit and we were allowed to take pictures with them for free.

Wonder Girls

After the Calypso Cabaret show, we went to Nana by BTS. We took BTS from Ratchadewi Station, which is located right across Asia Hotel and took off at Nana station. We tried to look for the famous tiger show, but we couldn't find it. After almost an hour wandering around Nana soi 3 and 4, we gave up. Our feet were hurt because we walked a lot since the day before, so we decided to go back to the hotel.

Tuk tuk to Siam - THB 70
Madame Tussauds - THB 480/pax
Lunch - THB 385
BTS Siam - Mo Chit - THB 35/way
MRT Mo Chit - Huay Kwang - THB 24/way
Dark Mansion - THB 180/pax
Mansion 7 T-shirt - THB 270
ARL Phaya Thai - Ratchaprarop - THB 15/way
Tuk tuk to Asia Hotel - THB 70
Calypso Cabaret - THB 500/pax
BTS Ratchadewi - Nana - THB 25/way
BTS Ratchadewi - Phaya Thai - THB 25/way
Pad Thai - THB 30
Grilled chicken - THB 45
Crispy chicken skin - THB 15
Rice - THB 20


Nadia said...

Awwww...........Mansion 7 on your photos looks even more interesting than the photos we saw on the blog before.
I'll definitely visit it on my next trip to Bangkok (when??), thanks for the tips for the visiting time. It must look super cool on the night time.
I'll visit the mall only though, no one could ever force me to enter the haunted house.

Waiting for your next update... ^ ^

freelavie said...

@Nadia Mansion 7 is a really small place. If you're not enter the haunted house, 10 minutes will be enough to walk around it includes taking pictures. No games, no food. Will post the rest of the trips in couple days :)

Surin Beach Hotel said...

I've been looking at some of the posts on this website to get an idea about travel in Thailand for my next vacation.
Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

Haloo, saya mau ke thailand niy, liat2, cara pesennya gmn ya? bayar lwt apa? nanti dapet tiketnya gmn? minta tolong infonya ya.. makasii :)

Christine said...

Cara pesennya ya tinggal lsg book aja di web nya, isi formnya di sana. Bayar pake cc, ntar tiket bentuknya e-ticket dikirim via email. Udah gitu aja :)

Luizze Oliveira said...

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