Thursday, December 1, 2011

K-Pop : Happy Pledis 2011 Released

2011 Happy Pledis

It's December 1st, so YES! Finally the full MV is OUT!
I always love when it an entertainment gathers their artists in an MV for special occasion. Last year Happy Pledis was only After School, but this year they have a full family. The mini album will be released on December 7th. It will contain of 3 songs : Love Letter, Winter's Tale and 어떤가요 (How Are You). Some of the proceeds from the mini album will be donated to UNICEF to help who in needs. 
Apparently there's one more unknown girl in the MV. She didn't take part in the picture above. Once again my question, who is she? At least I need name. OK Pledis, I need an answer ASAP. 
Anyway here's the MV. Enjoy! :)
cre : pledisartist @ YT


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