Thursday, December 8, 2011

Book : Fingerprints 7 - Payback

Just want to get over it. She touches your fingerprints. She knows your thoughts.
Yana was my best friend — and Yana wanted me dead.
I should hate her for what she tried to do. But the people who stole what she loved most — they did the same to me.
Yana still wants revenge, and she doesn't want my help. Can I really let her walk into a trap?  -goodreads

Finally I finished this series! I was hoping a big glory at the end, but there was no such thing. Yes, there was a glory but not that big. This book was thrilled since chapter 1. Actually I already suspected that the opening of book 7 will be Yana escaped after finished book 6, but it was still kinda thrill me that it was true. Melinda made me believe that Yana was still after Rae when she escaped, but in the middle of the book the truth was revealed.

At first the main story was about Rae, then it switched to Yana. I think Yana had a more important role in this book than Rae. Yana wasn't that bad person though, she was only need to know the real truth the past. Melinda made the readers hate her at book #5, #6 and the beginning of book #7, but she was the one who made a payback to the community for everybody in G-2 while Rae and Anthony were in their own romantic world.

Melinda is good at playing readers' emotion. I'm glad that I decided to continue to read this series till the end. Eventhough the ending is not what I expected but it's still good. I give Fingerprints series 4-5 stars.


pocketfullofbooks said...

I've never heard of this series before- have just added the first book to my wishlist. :)

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