Saturday, April 27, 2013

Another Weird Dream [ft. BEG]

This morning on my way to work suddenly I remembered my weird dream I had almost 2 years ago. I think I had this dream when I was addicted to a Korean variety show called We Got Married where Jo Kwon of 2AM and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) appeared as couple. I posted it in my old blog, but I want to share it again here. I'm still laughing and shaking my head thinking How could I had such a weird dream when I remember it. 

For you guys who don't know who Brown Eyed Girls is, they are a female singer group from South Korea. One of the member, Gain, recently appeared in Psy's "Gentleman" music video.

Brown Eyed Girls. From left to right : Gain, Narsha, Miryo, JeA
So here it goes..

I attended a K-Pop concert with a friend, which i forget who. The amazing thing was I sat on the stage side right behind BEG. Gain, Miryo, Narsha, JeA were all there.

Gain was going to perform a musical, when it was her time to perform, the microphone didn't work (she was still on her sit and going to stand up). And of course as a good person ( :p ) I warned her.

Me : 언니 마이크.. 소리 안나와 (I wonder why did I call her 언니 [read as unnie, means : older sister], she is actually younger than me) [unnie, the microphone.. your voice doesn't come out]
Gain : 진짜? [really?] 
Narsha : 노래 해봐 [try to sing] 
Gain sings : There can be miracles~
Me : ok ok (thumbs up)
The mic has worked, then she performed. I don't remember about the performance, then skip to when Jo Kwon appeared. As always he performed his kkapness. Before he performed, he stood next to me waiting for his turn. I looked at him, he saw me and showed me his arm muscle (he's wearing sleeveles T) then he walked to the stage with "chic" walk he showed in Strong Heart ep 3. His performance was similar to the one in Family Outing 2 ep 5. LOL!!

Then skip to when I walked around the waiting room (yes, I was able to access the backstage). Note : it's not a dressing room, only a waiting room. The waiting room in my dream took place at my current office -.-" All the room have big glasses so I can see through. Many artists attended to the concert : BEG, 2AM, Super Junior, CSJH, Lee hyo Ri, etc. I walked straight to BEG's waiting room. JeA recognized me.

JeA : You are the one who warned Gain about the microphone (fluent English)
Me : Ohh, hi.. (smiling)
BEG members allowed me to took a picture together with them.

Then skip again, I was outside make a phone call to a person, which I forget who. That person was a man, then he gave the phone to Gain.
Me : 안녕하세요 [hello]
Gain : 안녕하세요 [hello] 
Me : 저 알아요? [do u know me?]
The man said to me : in English, in English
Me : ohh... ok
I talked to Gain in English, but I forget the conversation and she talked with broken English. So funny!

Skip to the next day, I walked around with a couple of my friends and Narsha and Gain too. We walked in a huge garden and was going to buy some drinks. Me and my friends went to a store, while Narsha and Gain were waiting for us not far from the store. Narsha wanted to buy 5 bottles of "Teh Botol" LOL!!! (Teh Botol is a brand of tea in Indonesia). When we reached the store, we were shocked! It was JeA who owned the store O.O I wanted to buy juice. I asked her what kind of juice she has. She said the best juice is melon mix with SPIDER!!! D: After a long debate with her, I bought melon juice but didn't mix it with spider. 

That was how my dream ended.


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