Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Weird Dream [ft. 2ne1]

Just another old weird dream I had. This one featuring 2ne1, a girlgroup singer from Korea. They are wellknown for their unique personality. You can watch their daily life in their TV shows called 2ne1 TV. There are videos with English subtitle available online.

2ne1. From left to right : Minzy, CL, Bom, Dara.

In my dream I was 2ne1's friend. I was chit chat-ing with them during their break time. We were in a room that full with their clothes, maybe that was their dressing room. They all wore casual outfit like what they wear when they are practicing. 

I talked to Dara first. We went to an aisle outside their dressing room and talked there. I don't remember what we talked about before. What I remember we talked about how we celebrate birthday in Indonesia. Of course I talked to her with my broken Korean. Hehe

Dara : 인도네시아에서 생일은 어떡해요? [how is birthday in Indonesia?]  
Me : 그냥 축하해서 밥을먹어 [well, we congratulate them and eat] 
Dara : 니 부무님 생일인데 그것 어때요? [it is your parents' birthday, how is it?] 
Me : 저는 전화해줄께 [I'll call them] 
Dara : 기프트 없어요? [No gift?]  
Me : 없어요. 잔화만 [No, only call them] 
Dara : 이상해. 친구는 어때? [Weird. what about friend's birthday?] 
Me : 음... 오늘 너의 생일, 어머 미안해, 언니의 생일 (At first I called her 너 [read as "neo", informal language means "you"] -.-") 저는 언니의 친구. 저 언니 한테 전화 해주고 생일 축하해라고 말해주고. 언니가 "오.. 고마워. 이밤 밥 먹자, 나 사줄께" 그렇게요. 언니 친구들이랑 같이 먹어요. [Hmmm... this is your birthday, oops sorry, unnie's birthday. I'm your friend. I'll call you and say "Unnie happy birthday" You answer, "oo.. thanks. Let's go eat tonight. I'll buy" It's like that. You, me and your friends eat together]  
Dara : 아... 그렇구나 [oo... I see] 

Finished talking, we went back to the dressing room. I saw Bom danced like crazy in the middle of the room and Dara joined her immediately. CL and Minzy sat on the floor laughing so hard watching their unnies dancing. I joined CL and Minzy watch Bom and Dara dancing. 

(still laughing) 
CL : 미안해.. 우리 언니들 그렇게요 [sorry, our unnies are like that] 
Minzy : 원래 그렇게요 [usually like that] 
CL : 4자원 (point at Dara), 8자원 (point at Bom) [4D (point to Dara), 8D (point to Bom)] (4D = 4 dimension, 8D = 8 dimension; usually reference to weird or unique personality)
Me : 난 알아. 방성에서 많이 봤어요 ㅋㅋㅋ  [I know. I watched a lot on TV. Hahaha]  

Suddenly Bom screamed to us
Bom : 야! 뭐야? 뭘얘기하고있어? [Hey! What? What are you guys talking about?] 
CL, Minzy, Me : 아니... 없어... [No.. nothing...] 
Dara : 것진말 [Lie!] 

Dara and Bom started to run toward us, we run like hell out from the room. They were chasing us until they got Minzy. Bom and Dara jokingly strangled Minzy's neck on the floor. Me and CL went back to help Minzy. After a while we all went back to the dressing room and sat on the floor, tired. 

Minzy (to Bom and Dara) : 언니 그렇지마요.. 제가 죽으면 어떡해요? [Unnie, don't do that to me again, what if I die?]
Bom : 안죽어 고마야.. [You won't die, kid] 
Dara : 그래요.. 안죽어 [Yeah, you won't die] 
(all laughing) 
Me : 으.. 다들 이젠 나 집으로 가야돼 [err.. Guys, I have to go home now] 
CL : aa.. ok. I'll drive.

CL and Minzy drove me home. We arrived in front of my house. I got out of the car and talked to them for a while.

Me : 오늘 고마워. 너무 신기해 [thanks for today. It was amazing]  
CL : 다음에 다시 만나요 [let's meet again next time]
Minzy : 언니 다음에 만나요.꼭! [unnie, let's meet again next time. We have to!] 
Me : 네 알았어. 다음에 보자. 안녕~ [ok, I know. Let's see each other again next time. Bye~] 
CL, Minzy : bye2~ 

They drove back to their dorm. 

끝 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ [ End!]

NB : In Indonesia we do give present to our family/friends on their birthday. Not always, but we do give them. I do too sometimes.


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