Thursday, September 20, 2012

[Mobile App] Visit Korea 2.0

*This review is requested by EC21 Inc. Korea

Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has released their new version of Visit Korea mobile application. This app contains of useful information about Korea and Korea travel.

I like the interface of this app. The design is simple yet elegant. The most important thing, this app is in English. They have all information about things you need when you travel to Korea, such as attraction, food, accommodation, shopping, transportation and other useful information.

This app is very easy to navigate too since they already divide the information into categories. Each places come with brief explanation, complete address and transportation information. You want to go to a certain place but you don’t know the direction? Don’t worry, this app provides map and direction to go to every places. Simply go to the place’s page and click direction. Make sure your GPS is on, click direction and then click find routes. Do the same thing if you want to find direction from A to B.

There is search button at the bottom that helps the users even easier to find the places they want. If you want to know what attractions are near you, just click on the nearby button at the bottom and they will be shown.

This app also provides information about events in Korea. Plan your visitation and enjoy the event you want is know easy breezy. There are useful Korean phrases available and it comes with sound, but I hope they’ll add how to read the Hangul (Korean character) in alphabet. Current weather, currency rate and important phone numbers in Korea are also listed.

Important note :
  1. Make sure you have an internet connection when you use this app. This is an online app.
  2. Turn on your Google location service for easier navigation.
Positive :
  1. Free app
  2. Provide very useful information about Korea, Korea culture and travel.
  3. Handy
  4. Easy to navigate
  5. Come with brief explanation, map and direction to each place.
Negative :
  1. The subcategory lists are not complete. For example, when I search through Amusement Park category, I can’t find Everland. Then I tried to search, it’s there, but not listed in Amusement Park category.
  2. I can’t zoom in nor zoom out the map.
  3. I experience some crashes, especially when I’m on the phone and access this app at the same time
FYI, I use Samsung Galaxy SII with Ice Cream Sandwich Android version.

Overall this app is really great. It will be a real help for you to plan your travel and when you’re traveling in Korea. Visit Korea 2.0 is now available on iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. Everything Korea is only one touch away.


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