Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thailand Trip : Bangkok Last Day, Phuket Day 1

It was my last day in Bangkok and we headed to Phuket in the afternoon. There were only some drizzle and no flood during my stay in Bangkok. We went to Suvarnabhumi Airport by ARL city link. Right in front of the exit of ARL station in floor B, I saw Subway. The last time I ate Subway was when I had a holiday in Singapore on May 2010. It was one of my favorite food, so I decided to have lunch there. The departure is located in 4th floor. We arrived a little bit too early. Thankfully Air Asia allowed the passengers to check in eventhough it was 3 hours before departure time. After checked in, we went down to 3rd floor where shops and some food stalls located. We departed from Bangkok at 13.30 and arrived in Phuket at 14.45.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Departure

Suvarnabhumi domestic waiting room

We've arranged airport-hotel 2 ways transfer, Phi Phi Island full day tour and Phang Nga Bay half day tour from Mr. Puttachat before we went to Thailand. He gave us really good price for all tours. The driver was waiting for us at the airport exit with our name, hotel name, flight number written in a piece of paper. It was about 40 minutes drive from airport to Patong. We stayed in 7Q Hotel Patong for 3 nights. We could tell that it's a new hotel, the room was still has paint odor. It's a medium size hotel and clean. Swimming pool is available in 5th floor right next to the restaurant. The room is quite big, but ours had a bad view of parking lot and dirty wall of local houses.

The hotel location is very convenience. 7 eleven is only a minute walk, there are some diners and massage places nearby. Tuk tuk and taxi service is available at the end of the alley. 7Q hotel is located only 5 minutes walk to Patong Beach, but quite a distance to Bangla Road, it was about 10 minutes drive by tuk tuk. Tuk tuk in Phuket is different from the one in Bangkok. It has 4 wheels, while the one in Bangkok has 3 wheels. Unlike in Bangkok, the tuk tuk in Phuket they have fare price. It's so difficult to make a bargain to tuk tuk driver in Phuket.

Inside Phuket tuk tuk

It was raining when we landed in Phuket and all the way to Patong. Thankfully the sky was clear and the sun started to shine when we reached the hotel. We spent our afternoon by walking along Patong beach. The wind was quite big. I was already expected it since October is a monsoon season in Thailand. There are some street foods along the way of Patong Beach and I bought a chocolate banana pancake.

Patong Beach

After about 45 minutes in Patong beach, we decided to take tuk tuk and went to Kata beach. It was about 20 minutes drive from Patong. Kata beach is more quite than Patong. Kata can be a perfect choice to stay if you don't like a crowded place. We spent about 30 minutes walked along Kata beach and enjoyed sunset there, then we went back to Patong by taxi.

Kata Beach
Sunset at Kata Beach

That night we decided to go to Bangla road, the famous red district in Phuket. We took tuk tuk from our hotel. Bangla road and streets nearby was packed with tourists. We had dinner at Mr. Good Seafood Restaurant. The food was good and fresh. On the way to Bangla road, we stopped by a souvenir shop and bought some gifts. Pubs and cafes are packed along Bangla road and many people offer ping pong show, tiger show, etc. There are some places offer drinks with live music and some offer Thai girls dance or strip dance. There's also a Russian pub, where the dancers are girls from Russia. One place drew my attention. I was walking along Bangla road and found a crowd of people packed in front of one place. I took a look and it was a ladyboy pub. They danced on the table and once a while showed their p*ssy and b**bies. I was only stand there for a minute or so, just enough to fill my curiosity.

Bangla Road

ARL city link - THB 40
Subway - THB 170
Airport - hotel transfer - THB 500/car
Chocolate banana pancake - THB 30
Tuk tuk Patong - Kata - THB 400/way
Tuk tuk hotel - Bangla Road - THB 150/way
Mr Good Seafood dinner - THB 730
Souvenirs - THB 1100


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