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Review : Waterfall by Lisa Tawn Bergren

Title : Waterfall (River of Time #1)
Author : Lisa Tawn Bergren
Published : February 2011 by David C. Cook

What do you do when your knight in shining armor lives, literally, in a different world?

Most American teenagers want a vacation in Italy, but the Betarrini sisters have spent every summer of their lives among the romantic hills with their archaelogist parents. Stuck among the rubble of the medieval castles in rural Tuscany, on yet another hot, dusty archaeological site, Gabi and Lia are bored out of their minds...until Gabi places her hand atop a handprint in an ancient tomb and finds herself in fourteenth-century Italy. And worse yet, in the middle of a fierce battle between knights of two opposing forces.

Suddenly Gabi's summer in Italy is much, much more interesting. - goodreads


What else should I say? Amazing, incredible, etc etc.. Anything good is in this book. At first I didn't interest in this book at all. A friend suggested it to me and I kinda ignored it. She kept telling me that this series is really good and will match my taste. So after couple months I decided to read it and I really thank my friend for that. Once I started to read, I hardly put it down. I really really really love it.

Two teenage American girls, Gabi and Lia, join their mother who is an archaeologist to spend their summer holiday in Italy. Separated from their mother, they explore the archaeological site themselves and find Etruscans tombs. They find a couple of handprints on the wall inside the tomb and strangely they are warm. Both of them put each of their hands on the prints and suddenly they find themselves in fourteenth-century Italy. Gabi is rescued by the Forellis but she can't find her sister, Lia. Her journey begin with the Forellis and try to find Lia and a way home, at first. But she finds herself falling for one of the Forelli's lord which changes everything.

The concept of this book is a time machine, which I like, especially when the setting is in 14th century. I always love to read books or watch movies with historic settings. All the castles, the clothes, the fights and wars are so fascinating.

I like both sisters characters. They are strong, brave smart girls and no matter what, I always have a heart for girl powers. As the story goes, we introduced to Marcello Forelli, a lord of Forelli. Seriously, I melted away by his character in this book, such a gentleman. If he ever exists in this world, I bet he will melt all the girls in the world's hearts. Luca Forelli, Marcello's captain, has a funny character which give the balance in the story. 

Bergren also give it a touch with Medieval language accent, which I adore so very much. It makes the books perfect. It has fierce side but also romantic side as well. Not overly romantic and definitely not cheesy. It doesn't make the story hard to understand but even make it more interesting. The story is so easy to digest, I can picture every moment, every happening in my mind so perfectly clear. 

My rating : 5/5


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